The mini::out is a simple breakout board for the mini::base with two 12-pin headers for IO access, a JTAG connector and reset button for flashing the firmware and a spring loaded clamp for powering everything with up to 24V and connect a CAN bus.


the mini::out in detail

mini::out features highlight drawing

the mini::out is, as is reflected in its name, a fairly simple breakout board. it enables you to make use of the mini::base in a rough breadboard-and-cables style of way - something which you are accustomed to if you’ve worked with development boards before, and something that will always need to be available for the first steps in any project.

  • - access to CAN and all native pins
  • - reset button for ease of development
  • - JTAG connector footprint for use with the out::cable

the mini::out has the same basic dimensions as the mini::base and all other mini series extension boards. the bolt holes are made for M3 bolts. and there is another feature on the mini series: the W├╝rth board-to-board connectors are stable enough for any combination of mini::base plus extension board to be fixed in a housing by simply sandwiching the boards package between two housing halves.

mini::out dimensions highlight drawing
the size of the mini::base

size is not the most important aspect for a development-style board. nonetheless we aimed to keep it compact yet robust, again with the goal of making the board::project line viable for more than just desk environments. as a visual aid and to ease integration, we decided to use the credit card form factor as a reference, and the mini stack is exactly half a credit card in footprint at 54.0mm x 42.5mm.

Pinout diagram

Pinout diagram of the mini::out