The mini::grid is based around the SIMCOM SIM868, featuring GPS L1 C/A code and quad-band GSM connection. Antennas can be connected via the respective u.fl connectors and a nanoSIMcard slot is located on the backside. Connect it to your custom application via the two Binder subminiatur connectors with wire out CAN, power supply and IOs.

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the mini::grid in detail

mini::grid connectivity controller highlight drawing

the mini::grid provides mobile connectivity via the GSM/GPRS network, and location capabilities via GPS. it does so via the SIMCOM SIM868 module, which is a compact package that sees wide usage in edge devices. it implements the AT protocol.

  • - quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • - GPRS class 12 max. 85.6 kbps (downlink/uplink)
  • - wide variety of software features
  • - GPS precision up to < 2.5m in optimal conditions
SIMCOM SIM868 details

with the mini::grid, we aimed to create a versatile extension to the mini::base for edge applications. it therefore has connector footprints for THT loom connectors which wire the power supply, CAN and some I/Os, it has a connector for a small display and it has connectors for external GSM/GPRS and GPS antennae. all connectors are industrial grade.

mini::grid features highlight drawing
the size of the mini::base

size is not the most important aspect for a development-style board. nonetheless we aimed to keep it compact yet robust, again with the goal of making the board::project line viable for more than just desk environments. as a visual aid and to ease integration, we decided to use the credit card form factor as a reference, and the mini stack is exactly half a credit card in footprint at 54.0mm x 42.5mm.

Pinout diagram

Pinout diagram of the mini::grid