The mini::base is a STM32F103 based microcontroller board with many auxiliary features like a CAN transciever with hardware filter and ESD protection, a micro SDcard slot, 12V power supply, an atmospheric conditions sensor, USB-C and much more. All in a small formfactor of 54x42,5mm and ready to be combined with one of our extension boards.

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the mini::base in detail

mini::base mcu highlight drawing

the mini::base carries the main microcontroller unit of the board::mini stack: the STM32F103CBT6, an STM32 component widely featured on development boards, most notably the popular “blue pill” board.

  • - ARM®32-bit Cortex®-M3 CPU Core
  • - 72 MHz maximum frequency, 1.25 DMIPS/MHz
  • - 128 Kbytes of Flash memory
  • - 20 Kbytes of SRAM
STM32F102CBT6 details

our focus for the mini::base were practical, commonly used features implemented via reliable components. we aim to make the bmc::board line viable for everything from development through prototyping and final product (contact us for bespoke PCB geometries).

  • - industrial grade board-to-board connectors by Würth
  • - ambient conditions sensor by NXP
  • - high quality micro SD Card slot by Würth
  • - CAN transceiver by Texas Instruments
  • - software switchable CAN terminating resistor
  • - USB Type C connector by Würth
  • - 9 to 24V power supply (3.3V and 5V can be used as well)

mini::base features highlight drawing
the size of the mini::base

size is not the most important aspect for a development-style board. nonetheless we aimed to keep it compact yet robust, again with the goal of making the board::project line viable for more than just desk environments. as a visual aid and to ease integration, we decided to use the credit card form factor as a reference, and the mini stack is exactly half a credit card in footprint at 54.0mm x 42.5mm.

Pinout diagram

Pinout diagram of the mini::base