the board::mini series, first step towards ending the development board era


compact design

54mm x 42.5mm - exactly half a credit card


STM32F103 with a CPU speed of 72MHz and 128 kB of Flash memory

Power supply

power and program the board via USB-C, or power it with 9 to 25V

features of the mini::base

barometric sensor

MPL3115 sensor for measuring temperature, pressure and altitude


CAN bus controller on chip and transceiver (SN65HVD) on board

micro SD

micro SD card holder included on the board

versatile use cases

unlock its capability by adding different add-on boards to the mini::base. this way it can be a fully integrated GPS logger with mobile data connection, a WiFi and bluetooth enabled control module for IoT applications, a multi channel datalogger with CAN interface, …

why choose the bmc::board

the mini::out provides development and break-out capabilities

fast prototyping

combine the mini::base with the mini::out to get a conventional development platform with a programming interface, a reset button, a full pin-out and easy access to CAN. add anything you wish!

bluetooth and wifi

the mini::pit is build around the esp32 chipset, which enables it to have 802.11 b/g/n wifi and bluetooth low energy connectivity

the mini::pit has an ESP chip for bt, wifi and a display
the mini::grid adds capabilities for GPS and mobile data

gps and gsm

for mobile data transmission and gps location, there is the mini::grid. it is based upon the simcom sim868 module, antennas can be attached via u.fl connectors.

powerful, yet compact design

the mini::base combines the power of the well-known bluepill board based on a STM32 microcontroller with many auxilary features. It’s a development board without the need of developing hardware

the design of the board::mini series is powerful, yet compact